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12 Last Minute SAT Test Tips

How you should deal with the math Grid portion of the SAT

Choosing the right calculator for the SAT's (and school)

Programs used DURING the SAT or Math SAT II to help you answer many common test questions:

- 100% permitted under The College Board's official Calculator Policy.

- Answer all or part of many common questions on each test, allowing you to move through the test faster and with fewer mistakes.

- The programs only take a few minutes to master, and the end result is more confidence for you entering the test (knowing you won't have to memorize anything) and a much improved overall SAT score.

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New SAT? No problem - SRP will help more than ever with the new SAT
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SRP guarantees a 90* point rise in your SAT / SAT II math score! Best of all, it takes only 5 minutes to learn!
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