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Here are a few links that we thought might help you get through the SAT and college selection process:

Score Raising Programs -
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College Admissions Services, Inc. -
  Provides students with their chances of admission at up to 150 colleges including the Ivy League. Services have been featured in top media such as Reader's Digest, Chicago Tribune, and on the NBC news in Los Angeles and have a full money-back guarantee.
The College Board -
  As one of the national leaders in standardized test design, the College Board offers this site with lots of free information and practice materials for students eager to prepare. There's a free diagnostic "mini-SAT" that analyzes your strengths and weaknesses as a test-taker, questions from past tests with answers to help you check your progress, and a question of the day and word of the day that allows you the chance to return and find new practice items daily.
Do Your Math -
  So much attention is given to the vocabulary component of the SAT, I wanted to include a practice site for mathematics as well. Do Your Math offers practice tests for PSAT and SAT math items, and they're quick loading and browser-friendly. Each test has several dozen questions and your score is tallied on the 800 point SAT scale upon your completion.
PowerPrep -
  Powerprep offers four free downloadable SAT practice programs in return for a free registration: the Diagnostic Test, Digital Reader, Online Strategies and VocabMaster Lite. Each file is 1 meg or less for quick downloading. There's also free classes and tutorials. Be careful to examine each practice opportunity carefully, though, as the company also markets full versions of their software.
Secrets of the SAT -
  PBS' Frontline series tackles the Standardized Achievement Test with a look at its history, a discussion of its use to screen college applicants, and an exercise in rating and following five applicants through the admissions process to see who actually is accepted. There's video and audio clips and controversial topics like the "booming test prep business" and "race sensitive admissions".
Test Magic -
  Simply enter your e-mail address for any or all of six Test Magic e-mail services and receive free practice questions and practice exercises right in your e-mail! The companies anti-spam pledge means that your address will not be sold or given to other companies. Tests covered include the GMAT, GRE, SAT and TOEFL. -
  This site lives up to what other sites promise: an actual abbreviated practice test that allows students to check their proficiency in the Math and Verbal categories. There's over 100 questions here, and once you're done taking the test you can have it graded as a whole and then analyzed item by item if you wish. This site is nicely formatted and not too much of a strain on older browsers. There are similar tests offered here for the GED, ACT and TOEFL.
Freevocabulary -
  Here's a site that offers 5000 definitions to words commonly found on standardized tests like the SAT. it's a grocery list folks, best saved to your hard drive so you can use your browser's Find function to quickly sort through words later. There's also a link to Texas Instruments where they have created Study Cards that run on the TI-73 and TI-83 Plus covering vocabulary, literature, math science, social studies, the arts and much, much more! -
  Here's a completely free site dedicated to helping students prepare for such tests as the SAT and GRE with such features as word and problem of the day, a vocabulary builder, and a free tutorial that allows students to receive feedback on their work - even sending e-mail reminders of what to study! There's also a coach's page for parents and teachers trying to support their students in preparing for the test. - - A free and smart way to learn SAT test vocabulary words for life. Providing a comprehensive vocab list of the most common exam words.
SRP guarantees a 90* point rise in your SAT / SAT II math score! Best of all, it takes only 5 minutes to learn!
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