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SAT calculator programs

SAT calculator programs

SAT calculator programs: SRP

Our Score Raising Programs are designed to help you on many of the most common problems you might find on an SAT test. These sat calculator programs are an invaluable tool which will not only give you accurate results but also help you by saving precious time and keeping your focus for other parts of the test.

SAT calculator programs: choose the right calculator

The calculator you choose is an important step on your SAT math preparation. We recommend you use either the Ti-89 graphing calculator or the Ti-83/84 series graphing calculators. The Ti-89 series are the most advanced calculators and, when running our programs on it, can become invaluable help for your SAT math preparation and test. Despite this, this model is more expensive and much more difficult to learn how to use than the Ti-83/84 models (which are the most popular models), so we recommend the Ti-83/84 calculators for those who are less technology savvy or with less time to learn a much more complicated calculator.

SAT calculator programs: the math Grid

The math Grid portion of the SAT is probably one of the parts in which our SAT calculator programs will be more useful. This portion of the test is very difficult due to the fact that it is not multiple choice and you have to fill in a rather complex grid.

Our SAT calculator programs are designed to be able to help you on many of the problems you will have to face in this portion of the SAT. By simply plugging in the data they give you, you will receive a very accurate answer which will save you not only time but also energy and ensure that you have the right answer.

SRP guarantees a 90* point rise in your SAT / SAT II math score! Best of all, it takes only 5 minutes to learn!
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