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SAT math preparation

SAT math preparation

SAT math preparation: our programs

We have more than 20 programs designed to help you with your SAT math preparation and during the test. These programs solve many of the most common SAT math problems, and can not only save you a lot of time during the test but also provide you with very accurate answers.

SAT math preparation: example

An example of how one of our score raising programs could help you in your SAT math preparation and test is when needing to find the area of a triangle. Although you might find this easy to do, it would still take time and energy, both precious during the SAT test. By using our programs, you could save that time and energy for another question by simply running the triangle program and plugging in the information you were given; the program will do the rest and provide you with an accurate answer.

SAT math preparation: the math Grid

The math Grid portion of the SAT is often one of the most difficult areas of the test and is where you might need to focus the most during your sat math preparation, due not only to the kind of questions and problems you have to deal with, but also the test structure as well. This is one of the areas in which our score raising programs could help you the most, during the sat math preparation as well as during the test, since they could give you accurate answers for many of the problems.

SRP guarantees a 90* point rise in your SAT / SAT II math score! Best of all, it takes only 5 minutes to learn!
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