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TI-89 with Advanced Mathematics Software Version 1.05*
Advanced Mathematics Software Version 1.05
  Includes a Computer Algebra System (CAS), differential equations, 2D-graphing and data analysis, 3D-graphing with rotations, linear algebra, interactive numeric solver, constants, unit conversions, statistical regressions, and optional assembly language programming.
Pretty Print
  Mathematical expressions appear on the display the same way as they are written on the board or in textbooks.
Over 500K of Memory
  Contains about 188K user-available RAM and 384K of user data archive for storing functions, programs, and data. Advanced Mathematics Software 2.03 enables 702K of Flash ROM for calculator software applications and user data archive.
FLASHElectronic Upgradability
  Extend the life of your TI-89 by electronically upgrading software as new functionality becomes available. TI GraphLink accessory needed to upgrade software.
High Resolution Display
  100 x 160 pixels on a high-contrast display allows easy viewing of information. A new screen technology and layout make the display easy to read.
Symbolic Manipulation
The CAS built into the TI-89 allows you to evaluate mathematical expressions symbolically or numerically.
Symbolic Differential Equation Solving
Compute exact symbolic solutions to many 1st- and 2nd-order ordinary differential equations.
Linear Algebra
Find eigenvalues, eigenvectors, functions of matrices (like e A ), and LU or QR decompositions.
Split Screen Model
Split screens allows you to view 2 applications at the same time.
3-D Rotation and Contour Plots
Real-time rotation of 3D surfaces and contour graphs help you visualize in 3D.
Units of Measure
Use units in equations, symbolic computations, and unit conversions. Select from 20 constants and over 100 units. Create and store your own custom units.
Numeric Differential Equation Graphing
Solve single or systems of differential equations using Euler or Runga Kutta methods. Graph slope fields or direction fields.
Systems of Equations
Solve systems of linear and nonlinear equations. Display results in general or matrix formats.
- Programming
Programming options include custom menus, dialog boxes, and pop-up windows. User-defined functions extend built-in functionality.
- Catalog of built-in functions
The catalog provides syntax listings for every command and function.
- Compatibility
The TI-89 Advanced Mathematics Software is identical to the TI-92 Plus Advanced Mathematics Software without the Geometry application. The TI-89 View Screen calculators work with the TI-92 View Screen panels. Data and programs will transfer directly to and from a TI-92 Plus using the included unit-to-unit link cable.
- Input/Output Port
Allows linking with TI-89s, TI-92s, CBLs, CBRs, and computers.

* Free Upgrade to Version 2.03 using a Ti-Graphlink

Computer Algebra System in a vertical platform. Flash memory and upgradability allow you to install significant functionality enhancements.

SRP guarantees a 90* point rise in your SAT / SAT II math score! Best of all, it takes only 5 minutes to learn!
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